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Community Service SMKN 1 Pacet

Cianjur, March 20, 2018. UNIKOM Electrical Engineering once again implemented one of the Tri Dharma of Higher Education namely Community Service (Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat/ PKM). PKM is usually held 1x every semester or a maximum of 2x each academic year. The theme this time is carrying out “Industrial Revolution 4.0”. In collaboration with SMK 1 Pacet Cianjur, this activity was attended by 5 lecturers and 7 students as a dedication committee from UNIKOM Electrical Engineering Bandung.

The activity is divided into 2 agendas, Public Lectures and Training. The public lecture with the theme “Facing the Industrial Age 4.0” was immediately delivered by the chairman of the Department of Electrical Engineering Dr. Yusrila Y. Kerlooza. The activity was attended by ± 300 students. The essence of the general lecture is “Students must be able to compete and prepare themselves in the world of work for the 4.0 industrial revolution”. The training activities are divided into 2 themes and carried out in parallel.

The first theme is about IoT. This activity was delivered by a lecturer in Electrical Engineering Budi Herdiana, M.T. This training was attended by 15 selected students from class 10. In this training, he gave an example of the application of IoT in agriculture, especially paprika plants. The implementation of agriculture is chosen because Pacet 1 SMK excels in agriculture. One example of the application being demonstrated is to make a running text application using Android as its control, so that in the future SMK 1 Pacet plans to make a Techno Park, a park with IoT control in it. Students are very enthusiastic about the material presented, it is expected that with the introduction to the field of IoT students can explore more in the material about IoT and its applications.

The second theme is about PLC training. This PLC training was attended by 30 students of 10th and 12th grade. In this training students were given material on how to control PLC, especially PLC Allen Bradley. Starting from the installation of software, the introduction of Ladder Logic to relay logic instructions. Training is carried out in a simulation. The simulation is a simulation of input / output. Silo simulation and traffic light simulation, and students were very enthusiastic about the material given. After the implementation of the activity, it is hoped that students will be more active in deepening the knowledge introduced so that preparation for the era of industry 4.0 will be more stable and can compete globally.