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Seminars and Public Lectures

BANDUNG, UNIKOM– Electrical Engineering Study Program (EE) Unikom in collaboration with the Unikom Electrical Engineering Student Association held a Seminar and Public Lecture entitled “Multidisciplinary Research to Improve the Quality of Final Projects and the Ability of Professional Cooperation” at the Unikom Miracle Campus I Auditorium on Thursday (28 / 2/2019). The activity was attended by ± 300 participants who were attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK) Dr. Ir. Herman S. Soegoto, MBA., Chair of the Unikom EE Study Program, Dr. Yusrila Y. Kerlooza, S.Si., M.T., also as a speaker, as well as student advisors in the FTIK Unikom environment.

Starting the activity, Herman said that this activity was intended to broaden horizons. “… this is a good opportunity to be able to share about any field based on your knowledge that is present today, so take advantage of this opportunity well,” Herman said in his opening remarks.

Entering the core agenda, Yusrila explained the material about the strategy of improving the quality of the final assignment, one of which is by establishing cooperation and collaboration with other fields. “… collaboration is very important and can be used for various fields, both engineering and other fields, because each field has an interrelation with each other that can be used as an innovation,” he said.

Usai pemaparan, dilanjutkan sesi tanya jawab sehingga diharapkan melalui kegiatan ini para peserta dapat memperoleh wawasan yang lebih luas dan menjadikannya sebagai ajang diskusi guna memperkaya khasanah keilmuan sesuai dengan bidangnya masing-masing. (Direktorat Hms & Pro)

remarks by the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science (FTIK) Dr. Ir. Herman S. Soegoto, MBA

The seminar material was delivered by the Head of the Unikom Electrical Engineering Study Program Dr. Yusrila Y. Kerlooza, S.Si., M.T